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"Swimming is a rarity among modern movies: a coming-of-age tale without cliche or sentimentality. Bolstered by a luminous lead performance from Lauren Ambrose, Swimming explores adolescent angst with refreshing honesty and empathy."
Three and a half stars
-Loren King, The Boston Globe

Frankie at the beach
"Accomplished... appealing... perceptive... Lauren Ambrose is a winner..."
-The Los Angeles Times
"Swimming is a joy to watch! Lauren Ambrose is superb in this quiet, inteligent coming of age story."
Three and a half stars
-St. Louis Post Dispatch
"Remarkable and involving...It's so rare to see characters live and breathe, grow and change, that this is a gift."
Three stars
-Carrie Rickey, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Swimming" is the best movie of its type since "Ruby in Paradise"...Maybe not since Julie Harris' Frankie in "A Member of the Wedding" (1952) have we cared this much about a "plain" girl's fate and wanted her to make the right choices."
Three and a half stars
-David Elliot, San Diego Union-Tribune
"Swimming is a refreshingly realistic, affectation-free-coming-of-age tale, a rare critter in these days of gross out teen comedies..."
- B+ Guide Pick, Gary Dowell, The Dallas Morning News and Philadelphia City News.
Three girls

"You'll love this deeply observant, gentle, authentic film."
- A-, Philadelphia Weekly News
"A carefully composed and orchestrated drama... Siegel's classy approach is a selling point... Lauren Ambrose is excellent."
-Hollywood Reporter
"Resonant... entertaining and charming... As much about family, friendship and coming of age as it is about summer love and romance."
Three and a half stars
-Film Threat
Three girls
Three and a half stars
-Boston Phoenix
"A winner."
Three stars
-Boston Herald
Three and a half stars
-The Hartford Advocate
"...A little gem..."
-Ain't It Cool News

Frankie and Heath
""Ambrose is superb in her first leading role on film... [in] Robert Siegel's quietly cool little indie..."Swimming.""
Three stars
-Hartford Courant
"While small Swimming definitely offers some big rewards....The movie as a whole reminded me of those, gentle, lovely coming of age short stories...well done and graceful"
Three and a half stars
-Joanna Langfield, The Movie Minute
"...surprisingly touching...a compelling performance by Lauren Ambrose..."

"Quirky characters give coming-of-age 'Swimming' an edge."
-Houston Chronicle
"Charming...inspired...intelligently and emotionally pulls viewers into its world."
Three and a half stars
-Dallas Voice
"Swimming forgoes the usual ugly duckling molting into a beautiful peacock of the prom story for a more nuanced look at a young woman's reckoning of libido and loyalty. Lauren Ambrose delivers an indelible turn as an awkward keen-eyed teen..."
-Chicago Sun Times
Frankie and Heath

Beach chairs
"Swimming is a little movie with a big impact. Lauren Ambrose in a breakthrough performance... Exceptionally well acted (especially by Ambrose, Carter and Harrold), gracefully directed and very well scripted. Swimming is worth taking the plunge."
-Windy City Times
"A must see... Swimming should find a wide audience."
Three and a half stars
-Cape Cod Times
"Lovely....hilarious...reflective...immensely satisfying."
Three stars
-Sun News

"If you're looking for an escape from the summer blockbuster barrage and you love detailed, intimately-told stories, this is your rescue."
-Out Front Colorado
"Lauren Ambrose is sublime...Her big screen debut is a revelation."
-St. Louis Riverfront Times
"Swimming is a departure of rare intelligence."
-Out In America
"Swimming is something to be proud of."
-Boston Metro
"A summery, by the ocean coming-of-age tale about a tomboyish teenage girl, her sexuality and options. Very well acted."
-Chicago Tribune
"A small film polished to the perfection of beach glass."
-Reeling Reviews

"Directed with gentle but assured grace... sporting a breezy spontaneity Swimming is both moving and wise."
"Other independent films of note include Swimming. A beguiling coming-of-age film set in Myrtle Beach."
-Daily Southern, Chicago International Film Festival
"A star is born... Lauren Ambrose's performance single-handedly redeems Outfest 2000."
-Fab! Guide

"A big hit at the Nantucket Film Festival."
Three and a half stars
-The Improper Bostonian
"Funny, charming and unexpectedly moving."
"...An amazing performance by Lauren Ambrose."
"Swimming has sweetness to spare... recommended..."
-Austin Chronicle
"Highly Recommended... intelligent ... entertaining and moving..."
-Art House Squatter
"Lauren Ambrose is brilliant...Swimming is on my don't miss list."
-The Sojourner

Piercing Shop
"As beautiful and quiet as cinema can be..."
-Rotterdam Daily Tiger
"Robert J. Siegel directed this sweet, low key drama... presented in such a nicely understated manner... it rises several notches abover most of today's teen movies."
-Chicago Reader
"Director Robert J. Siegel's wonderfully acted and intimate coming of age story...", Florida

"This award-winning festival favorite is a quietly powerful coming of age tale."
"In a star making performance Lauren Ambrose brings her character's small town wisdom straight to the heart. Swimming is surprisingly moving. Don't miss it!"
-Anne Weeks, Weekly Dig
"Kick-ass. A compelling story of a small town girl trying to come to grips with her world... Wonderful... Just go see it."
Four stars

Josee and Frankie's brother
"Directer Robert Siegel accepted plaudits for Swimming, a naturalistic teen drama set in a lovingly rendered seaside resort."
-Orlando Weekly
"Swimming Is Something To Be Proud Of."
-John Black, Boston Metro
"Lauren Ambrose Is Brilliant. Swimming Is On My Don't Miss List!"
-Kathi Maio, Sojourner
"A Small Film Polished to The Perfection Of Beach Glass"
-Reeling Reviews
"Gentle, leisurely paced and totally unexpected Swimming lifts the viewer out of their everyday lives...Powerful because it is so simple and breezy. Lauren Ambrose is simply awesome as Frankie."
Five stars