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Lauren Ambrose Makes
Entertainment Weekly's "IT LIST"

"THUMBS UP", "I really liked this movie!"
Roger Ebert, Ebert and Roper

"Evocative...beautifully observed."
Leah Rosen, People Magazine

'Swimming' Gracefully Evokes Teen Moods
"Swimming" makes the coming-of-age experience seem as fresh as tomorrow because its makers take this inevitably painful and often perplexing transition seriously without being solemn, bringing to it a sense of humor that is wry rather than jokey.

Kevin Thomas, LA Times - July 26, 2002
San Francisco East Bay News - August 23, 2002 A-

'Swimming' is buoyed by Ambrose
Loren King
Three and a half Stars
The Boston Globe - April 5, 2002
Three and a half Stars
Chicago Tribune - September 13, 2002
"Swimming is a rarity among modern movies: a coming-of-age tale without cliche or sentimentality. Bolstered by a luminous lead performance from Lauren Ambrose, Swimming explores adolescent angst with refreshing honesty and empathy."

Ambrose has an extraordinary ability to make us like her and care for her.
Three Stars
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
September 13, 2002

Ambrose gives a quietly effective, disarmingly naturalistic performance
Dave Kehr, The New York Times
September 13, 2002

'Swimming' Dives Deep for a Pearl
Desson Howe, Washington Post
July 26, 2002

'Swimming' is a joy to watch!
Three and a half Stars
Ellen Futterman, St. Louis Post Dispatch

'Swimming' a savvy slice of real life
"Maybe not since Julie Harris' Frankie in "A Member of the Wedding" (1952) have we cared this much about a "plain" girl's fate and wanted her to make the right choices."
Three and a half Stars
David Elliot, San Diego Union-Tribune

In a seaside resort, three young women grow and Robert Siegel's remarkable and involving indie feature Swimming.
Three Stars
Carrie Rickey, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Swimming is Outstanding
Three and a half Stars
Peter Keough, The Boston Phoenix
April 4, 2002

"What really makes Swimming float is its trio of female characters"
Michael Sauter, Time Out New York
September 13, 2002

"A being of age film in the tradition of Ruby in Paradise"
Laura Sinagra, The Village Voice
September 11, 2002

Ambrose eats up the screen ... mapping the entire range of sentiments inside a girl who's never thought herself to be attractive...
John Anderson, Newsday
September 13, 2002

Ambrose is a standout... Swimming is a Rarity... Director and co-writer Robert J. Siegel allows the movie to amble along, touching on themes of friendship, loyalty and the daily grind.
Jami Bernard, The New York Daily News

Take the plunge
Lauren Ambrose gives a heart warming performance as a young teen on the verge of growing up in charming, leisurely paced Swimming.
Megan Turner, The New York Post
September 13, 2002

Take a dip in a coming-of-age story for grownups
Three Stars
Stephen Whitty, The Star-Ledger
September 13, 2002

"a gracefully acted, unsentimental, quite likable little coming-of-age movie"
Three and a half Stars
John Hartl, The Seattle Times
September 20, 2002

"Ambrose's subtle, intelligent performance is a standout"
Three and a half Stars
Maitland McDonagh, TV Guide

An Indie Pleasure
Three Stars
David Sterrit, Christian Science Monitor
September 13, 2002

"If My Big Fat Greek Wedding can be a mega-hit, Swimming should rule art houses for years to come."
D.J. Palladino, Santa Barbara Independent
August 22, 2002

"you'll love this deeply observant, gentle, authentic film."
Katie Haegele, Philadelphia Weekly

"Keenly observed and refreshingly natural."
Three StarsThree Stars
Carla Meyer, San Francisco Chronicle

I don’t have enough words to describe Ambrose’s tour-de-force performance. It’s a wonder, modulating emotional tints and shades, and playing out with an almost uncanny truth.
Four Stars
James Keith La Croix, Detroit Metro Times

Swimming has a sense of proportion rare and refreshing for an American film.
Scott Tobias, The Onion
September 4, 2002

Buoyant performance propels heart-warming 'Swimming'
Lauren Ambrose of HBO's 'Six Feet Under' masterfully conveys feelings and thoughts in this coming-of-age story.
Three Stars
Alison Macor, Austin American-Statesman

Deep Waters
Swimming masterfully portrays a girl poised to dive into womanhood.
Bill Gallo
Denver Westword - July 4, 2002
Riverfront Times - July 3, 2002

Pearl Diving
"Just describing the plot of a movie like Swimming is a betrayal of sorts. It's one of the most character- driven Hollywood films in recent memory, with rhythms so life like that every thing simmers just below the surface.."

Adele Marley, Baltimore Citypaper

Director Robert J. Siegel has crafted a loving, knowing look into the heart and soul of every young girl struggling to make it alone...Swimming is perceptive and ultimately,embraceable....a movie you want only the best for.
Three Stars
Chris Kaltenbach, Baltimore Sun

"Swimming" is one of those little perfect miracle movies that calls to mind everything from "American Graffiti" to "Ruby in Paradise."
Teddy Durgin,'s Hollywood Reviews

"Six Feet Under’s Lauren Ambrose confirms her acting skills in the quiet, charming film Swimming"
Three and a half Stars
Mekado Murphy, Dallas Voice

"Swimming is a refreshingly realistic, affectation-free-coming-of-age tale, a rare critter in these days of gross out teen comedies.."
B+ Guide Pick
Gary Dowell
The Dallas Morning News - June 14, 2002
Philadelphia City News - July 5, 2002

Lauren Ambrose gives an outstanding performance in Robert Siegel's quietly cool little indie.
Three Stars
Deborah Hornblow, The Hartford Courant

Rites of passage in a tourist trap
Three and a half Stars
John Boonstra, The Hartford Advocate

Three stars
James Verniere, The Boston Herald
April 5, 2002

The Deep End - Lauren Ambrose navigates turbulent adolescent water in Swimming
Nicole Keeter, Time Out New York
September 13, 2002

Lauren Ambrose: Youthful Maturity
Those who've worked with Lauren Ambrose find a depth unexpected in a 23-year-old. She's lighting up screens large and small.
Susan King, LA Times
July 25, 2002

Three stars
Paul Sherman, The Improper Bostonian

Making waves with 'Swimming'
John Black, Cape Cod Times

Lauren Ambrose is Brillant ... Swimming is on my don't miss list
Kathi Maio, Sojouner
April 30, 2002

...a small film polished to the perfection of beach glass
Laura Clifford, Reeling Reviews
April 30, 2002

"Swimming" is a heartfelt tale of becoming an adult in the new millennium
Robin Clifford, Reeling Reviews
April 30, 2002

Quirky characters give coming-of-age 'Swimming' an edge
Eric Harrison, Houston Chronicle

If labels are necessary, Robert J. Siegel’s lovely movie "Swimming" comes closet to being a "coming of age" film, hilarious, somber, reflective, self-conscious and, ultimately, immensely satisfying.
Three Stars
Mike Morgan, The Sun News

Shifting sands of adolescence
Three and a half Stars
Gary M. Kramer, The Washington Blade

"Swimming is a breath of fresh air"
Dr. Frank Swietek,

"Six Feet Under star is on cloud nine"
B+ Guide Pick
Gary Dowell, The Dallas Morning News
June 15, 2002

"Swimming" is something to be proud of
John Black, The Boston Metro
April 5, 2002

Out from 'Under'
Hugh Hart, Globe Correspondent
April 7th, 2002
Lauren Ambrose of 'Six Feet Under' steps out of the darkness and into the light with 'Swimming'

Go! Weekend : HOPE FLOATS
-The Boston Globe
April 5, 2002
"Swimming," an acclaimed coming-of-age film starring Lauren Ambrose of "Six Feet Unders" fame, is now playing at the Kendall Square Cinema.

'Six Feet Under' star surfaces in 'Swimming'
Robert Denerstein, Rocky Mountain News
June 29, 2002

'Swimming' was a marathon for her
Steven Rea, The Philadelphia Inquirer
July 14, 2002

Ambrose's career going `Swimming'-ly
Stephen Schaefer, The Boston Herald
April 5, 2002

'a touchingly sweet coming-of-age tale set in a small beach community'
An interview with Lisa Bazadona, about "Swimming" and the script's journey from senior thesis status to the big screen.
ebecca Murray, Romantic Movies

'Swimming' to new career heights: Newton's Jennifer Dundas plays a different sort of character in her new film
Chris Bergeron, The MetroWest Daily
April 4, 2002

Frankie, My Dear
`Swimming' details the steps Frankie (Lauren Ambrose from `Six Feet under') takes to come into her own

Stephen Brophy, Bay Windows
April 4, 2002

"In a star making performance Lauren Ambrose brings her character's small town wisdom straight to the heart. Swimming is surprisingly moving. Don't miss it!"
Anne Weeks, Weekly Dig
April 4, 2002

Claire Fisher Coming to Boston

Teen People choose Lauren Ambrose as one of the 14 Superstars of 2002.

Eonline picks Lauren Ambrose as one of the Sizzlin' Sixteen 2001.

Swimming opened the first Woodstock Film Festival with Robert Siegel winning the TORCHLIGHT AWARD for Excellence In Filmmaking.

GRAND JURY AWARD goes to Lauren Ambrose, star of Swimming, for outstanding performance in a feature film at LA's Outfest.



Lauren Ambrose, Swimming
In The Press

See What The Critics Are Saying In Brief

An Exploration of the Heart Land
Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times
July 13, 2000

David Hunter, The Hollywood Reporter
March 20, 2000

Three and a half Stars
Merle Bertrand, Film Threat
May 18, 2000

Swimming is a slight coming-of-age drama — but only on the surface. There's really much more going on here.
Robert Payne,

Swimming is a joy to watch
Three and a half Stars
Ellen Futterman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
November 3, 2000

"A standout among those still seeking distribution was "Swimming," the moody coming-of-age story of a young woman (Lauren Ambrose) navigating several emotional crossroads in life."
-Boston Herald, Nantucket Film Festival

Three and a half stars
-The Improper Bostonian

Three and a half stars
-The Movie Minute

"Relax, sit back, and enjoy this charming, well-acted coming-of-age film."

"Swimming was a big hit at the Nantucket Film Festival."

A Star Is Born
Lauren Ambrose's performance in "Swimming" single-handedly redeems Outfest 2000
Gay Boy Ric, Fab! Guide
July 2000

Swimming, Big Eden top potential festival distribution picks
R. Hunter Garcia, Entertainment Today
July 28, 2000

'Swimming' among film festival must-sees
Three and a half Stars
Tim Miller, Cape Cod Times
July 30, 2000

Swimming - "A Kick-Ass Film"
Five reasons I love "Swimming"
Four Stars
Tony DuShane,
August 9, 2000

Swimming - "Highly Recommended"
Art House Squatter

Gentle, leisurely paced and totally unexpected Swimming lifts the viewer out of their everyday lives..."
Five Stars
Swimming is a slight coming-of-age drama — but only on the surface. There's really much more going on here.
The Boston Phoenix
No distributor? Maybe its festival appearance will get Robert J. Siegel's outstanding Swimming some notice.
Lauren Ambrose, Winner Best Actress
Lauren Ambrose, Swimming
Outfest Best Actress winner Lauren Ambrose
Fab! Guide
Lauren Ambrose, Swimming
Lauren Ambrose's performance in "Swimming" single-handedly redeems Outfest 2000

Chicago International Film Festival 2000

"Swimming forgoes the usual ugly duckling molting into peacock of the prom story for a more nuanced look at a young woman's reckoning of libido and loyalty. Lauren Ambrose delivers an indelible turn as an awkward keen-eyed teen..."
-Chicago Sun Times

"Swimming is a little movie with enormous impact. Lauren Ambrose in a break through performance."
-Windy City Times, 11/08/2000

"Other independent films of note include Swimming. A beguiling coming-of-age film set in Myrtle Beach."
-Daily Southern

"A summery, by the ocean coming-of-age tale about a tomboyish teenage girl, her sexuality and options. Very well acted."
-Chicago Tribune

"Robert J. Siegel directed this sweet, low key drama... presented in such a nicely understated manner... it rises several notches above most of today's teen movies."
-Chicago Reader

Slamdance Film Festival 2000

New York Independant Film Monitor

Rotterdam International Film Festival 2000

"As beautiful and quiet as cinema can be..."
-Rotterdam Daily Tiger

Ain't It Cool News

Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2000

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