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An Exploration of the Heart Land
by Kevin Thomas

There still aren't as many lesbian-oriented films as there are gay male films, but among Outfest's offerings are two fine examples, Jeanne Crepeau's "Julie and Me"... and Robert J. Siegel's "Swimming", although the second defies easy categorization in regard to sexual orientation... "Swimming," written by Lisa Bazadona, Siegel and Grace Woodward and set in Myrtle Beach, S.C., illuminates the crucial summer when the pert, alert Frankie (Lauren Ambrose, a real winner) finds herself drawn to the cool newcomer Josee (Joelle Carter), incurring unexpected jealousy from her scrappy best pal Nicola (Jennifer Dundas Lowe). Frankie is also drawn to a seductive T-shirt-selling drifter, Heath (Jamie Harrold). Accomplished and appealing, "Swimming" offers a perceptive portrait of a young woman exploring her sexuality.

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