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Rotterdam International Film Festival 2000

- Ain't It Cool -

Feb 7 2000 Dr. Zaius' trip to the Rotterdam Film Festival with updated details on SWIMMING.

Swimming - American (shot round Myrtle Beach, young adult sort-a-summer-sort-of-coming-of-age-drama- excellent, probably the best thing I saw - any buzz on this one?)

After the film, the director, Robert J. Siegel came out for some Q & A. When asked how to market the film (teenage coming of age, summer time girl buddy movie?) his response indicated he was really not trying to fit the movie into a particular genre. When asked about the lesbian angle (Note: This is not a lesbian movie), he emphasized that this is not about sexual orientation. He talked of the film as being more about loneliness and "being alone in the crowd", the powerful attraction of a popular new comer and coming to terms with the faults and imperfections of those we care about.

A final comment: I hope this submission encourages movie lovers out there to seek these small gems out.

***** Dr. Zaius - Rotterdam Film Festival

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